Accepting Volunteer Abroad Scholarship Applications

MEJORC is once again offering a scholarship to one individual interested in working with our partner organization, Expand Peru.  Applicants must already be accepted to work with Expand’s CASA project and be willing to dedicate additional time to leading a focused youth group aimed at increasing leadership skills.

For more information on scholarship eligibility and requirements, please visit our website: The deadline to apply is March 31, 2014. The expected start date, May 2014, is negotiable.

To apply send a resume and cover letter to scholarship. Please answer the following questions:

  • Please tell about your abroad experience, or any experience you have had in a diverse community.
  • Have you had any experience working with teenagers, and in what capacity?
  • How many months can you commit to?
  • What level of Spanish do you have and where did you learn?
  • Describe your vision of leading a youth group.

MEJORC will take one month to review applications and will invite successful candidates for interviews. Scholarships will not be awarded until Expand notifies us of your acceptance as a volunteer.

For questions about this process please send us an email. Expand’s volunteer application can be found on their website.


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