Getting There

It took a long time to travel from Sherbrooke, Quebec to Huancayo, Peru, but I’ve finally made it! I left home at around 3:30 pm on June 18 to catch a plane from Burlington to New York and then from New York to Mexico City. I spent a wonderful 13-hour layover in Mexico City touring the Pyramids of San Juan Teotihuacán, a UNESCO heritage site that contains impressive pre-Aztec archeological ruins.


Very late on the 19th, I arrived in Lima to check in at the Dragonfly Hostel in Miraflores. The next day, the hostel organized a 3-hour tour of Lima’s Historical District, so I accompanied a university student from Arizona and a Peruvian tour guide to watch the changing of the guards, visit Chinatown, and eat at a delicious traditional Peruvian restaurant (a HUGE entree, appetizer, and drink cost less than $4).


After returning to the hostel, I walked around Miraflores to the Larco Mar Shopping Center, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and explored the green spaces, which were beautiful, even though the day was overcast (I learned that Miraflores is called the “city of parks”). In the evening, the girl from the tour and I enjoyed the Magic Water Circuit (dancing water fountains in the Parque de la Reserva).


I then took a bus with Cruz del Sur to Huancayo, which arrived at 6 am today. Bernabe met me at the bus station, took me to the volunteer house (I will hopefully transfer to a host family tonight or tomorrow), and went over some project logistics. After a much-needed nap, Bernabe will introduce me to the more rural area of Huancayo, so that I am ready to begin my volunteer placement on Monday!


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