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Celebrating International Youth Day: The Successful Experiences Fair

In an early celebration for International Youth Day (August 12), more than 50 private and public organizations will gather at the Kennedy Park in Miraflores, Peru today to share successful experiences in youth development campaigns.

According to Maria del Carmen Calle, Head of National Programs of Integral Attention for Adolescents and Youth in the Department of Health, the event will permit an exchange of successful stories and experiences in favor of the youth population and will serve as an opportunity for individuals to learn about the diversity of public and private programs dedicated to the personal development of youth. The event, A Look at the Present- In Favor of Adolescents and Youth, is seen as a method for individuals to network and expand knowledge concerning health education, employment opportunities, and youth civic engagement.

The Successful Experiences Fair is organized with the cooperation of the Miraflores City Government, The National Secretary of Youth, The Institute of Responsible Paternity (INPPARES), Cedro, The Center of Investigation (GRADE), the Psychology College of Peru, The Regional College Obstetrics III Lima-Callao, The College of Nutritionists, and other non governmental organizations.

For more information (in Spanish) regarding The Successful Experiences Fair, please visit


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