Top News from Peru

Top News from Peru: February 28-March 4, 2011

Arequipa: 3 Million People Have no Access to Transportation

Angel Linares Portilla, the District Mayor of Characato, met with the transport contractor, Ricardo Lira. During the meeting, the Mayor told Lira that 14 towns did not have access to transportation, which leaves approximately 3,000 people having to walk long distances in order to get to transport. This inhibits the mobility of the people within the town.

Peru´s Sales Tax Reduction Has an Immediate Effect on Gas Prices

Peru´s general sales tax, also known as IGV was decreased from 19 to 18 percent, and took effect yesterday. The decrease has already lead to a .8 percent decrease in gas prices because the gas companies were buying from distributors who had already adopted the general sales tax change. While gas prices have decreased after the sales tax change, not all products are expected to follow suit.

Madre de Dios Supplied 16 Tons of Illegally Mined Gold Last Year

Around 18 percent of Peru´s yearly gold mined is from illegal sources. Approximately 10 percent of the total gold comes from Madre de Dios, which is deep in the Amazon Forest and borders Brazil. The total value of the gold extracted from Madre de Dios is $800 million, and is sold throughout the country, and smuggled into Brazil and Belize as contraband. The majority of illegal gold is found using dredgers, which are currently being considered in relation to Peru´s general mining laws as part of a crack down on illegal gold production.

Follow the Story of Peru´s Illegal Mining and Miner Strike in Madre De Dios at the Links Below


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