Top News from Peru

Top News from Peru: February 7-11, 2011

Peruvian Company Explores Possibility of 750 Megawatt Wind Power Center

Salka Perú received permission to evaluate the wind power generation potential and feasibilty in Lagunas, Pueblo Nuevo, and Pacasmayo, which are along the northern coast of Perú. They have two years to study the feasibility and economic potential of the project, which could generate as much as 750 megawatts of power. Due to the numerous archaeological ruins in the area, the project must preserve the environment and heritage of the cultures in the area.

Very High Levels of UV Radiation in Lima

The UV level in Lima is at a 12 and is forecasted to stay at that through the weekend. Level 12 is considered very high, and skin protection and sunglasses with UV filters are highly. The highest UV levels are along the coastline and eastern areas of the city. It is common for Peru to experience high levels of UV radiation during this time of year, and the levels have worsened due to thinning of the ozone layer.

Rate of Childhood Chronic Malnutrition in Peru Drops 4.7 Percent

Rates of chronic childhood malnutrition in Peru  fell from 22.6 to 17.9 percent from 2007-2010. Various childhood chronic malnutrition statistics are:

  • Rural area cases decreased by 5.6%
  • Urban area cases decreased by 1.7%
  • Children who drink untreated water 25.3%
  • Children who drink Chlorine-treated water 5.6%
  • Children with mothers who have secondary education 6.2%
  • Children of mothers with primary or no education 32.5%

Chronic malnutrition rates are determined by comparing a childs actual size and age with that of their same-sex ideal size and age. Chronic malnutrition rates are also used in determing the development status of a country.


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