“Expand Peru”

So I just got back from spending a week with Expand Peru in Huancayo. Before I left, Jaime and I met in Piura and we had some awesome talks about the organizations we had visited and what direction we should each take in the upcoming weeks. He had a lot of good insight for me about Expand and our possible projects with them. We felt that I should focus primarily on areas with secondary schools but that are still a little bit smaller or more rural, if possible. We brainstormed about the possible educational model of teaching in a more developed area and then spreading outward to the more rural surrounding areas. Because of that, I wanted to make sure I explored these outlying towns as well.

The view from the volunteer house in Huancayo

During my visit, Bernabe (Expand’s Director) and I visited several towns and talked with the directors and community leaders of the towns to gauge interest in possible future projects. All of them felt that the youth would be interested in an additional activity but some were a little more welcoming than others!

A health post in Ahuac, one of the towns we visited

While I was there I got really excited about this town called Pachachaca because they have a small secondary school but no health post and are still developing. This seems like the kind of town where MEJORC could provide some assistance and have the benefit of the continual presence of the secondary youth.

Expand’s staff members are so awesome! Right now Bernabe, Veronica, and Eva are taking on the responsibilities since one of their director’s Ingrid is currently studying in Lima. They are all really welcoming people and made my experience there feel so special and important. You could see it in all the other volunteers, as well, that their time with Expand had been so vital. I spoke a lot with Bernabe about future projects and I feel that if MEJORC decides to go with Expand that we will have a lot of opportunity to grow and branch off in interesting directions.

The kids from the orphanage performing a play!

Tomorrow I am heading back to San Francisco to actually finish up and say goodbye! I can’t believe it, I only have a few more days left with this town that was my home for five months. Jaime and I have some little presents planned and a big goodbye to give.

As always, thanks for reading!


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