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Hello MEJORC Community,

Things have changed quite a bit from my last post. After Katie and Roberto’s visit, it was decided that in order to maximize our time here in Peru it would be good for Monica and I to spend some time with potential future partner organization. Monica took off for Cajamarca and I stayed in the village to continue our work there. About a week ago I headed south to Huancayo where I am now. I have connected with Expand Peru, which is a fantastic organization that has many similar missions with MEJORC. They work primarily with younger kids with after school programs and orphanages. The director has been showing me all the ins and outs of the organization. We also had a chance to visit some of the rural villages that he has in mind for future projects with MEJORC.

Check out this video of the director explaining some of of the potential village locations, sorry I haven’t had a chance to add English subtitles yet.

We took a day to travel even higher into the mountains to check out some of the more rural impoverished areas.

It’s been great to engage in Spanish with people outside of the small village that I have been living with for the last 5 months. It’s also been great connected with another organization.  It’s giving me a number of ideas about future projects I’d like to be involved in.

Next week I am headed back North to check in with the projects in my village before going to the next organization.

Thanks for keeping tabs,


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