Soluciones in Cajamarca

It’s been two weeks since I have been in our beloved San Francisco and the time seems to have flown by! Jaime and I have been in different parts of Peru, researching organizations that MEJORC can potentially partner with next year. I spent 12 days in Cajamarca, which is a gorgeous city with beautiful architecture and really friendly people.

I observed and organization called Soluciones Prácticas that works on projects to sustainably develop the surrounding rural areas. They work to provide basic services such as potable water, energy, trash systems, and sanitation.

One of the communities I visited, Soluciones Prácticas is developing a “healthy school” complete with hot showers, trash separation, and a tooth-brushing station. The men are working on constructing the showers. When they are completed they will be heated by solar panels. After the water is used in the showers, it will filter through these ditches to create water that is clean enough to use on crops.

A lot of my time was spent learning about all the sustainable ways that these areas have been working on generating electricity. An organization from Spain called ISF is working on developing the most efficient biodigestors. In the town of Chorro Blanco, they have lit the whole village using water from the waterfall nearby.

I had an awesome time exploring a new city and working with Soluciones Prácticas. They are an amazing organization and whether or not MEJORC decides to partner with them, I hope to work with them again in the future.

Now back to San Francisco to check in on our youth and see how the kitchens are going! I am excited to meet up with Jaime and hear about his time away and what I can expect on my next trip. Thanks for reading!


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