Top News from Peru

Top News from Peru: August 9-15


Lima hosts TravelMart Latin America 2010 on Sept. 22

Lima is the host of this year’s TMLA, which is said to be the most important business development event for tourism in Latin America.  The event will take place September 22-24 and include nearly 1,000 visitors involved in tourism sectors, buyer and supplier organizations and international media. The visitors will spend most of their time at the tourist attractions in Lima and Callao, but they will also visit the cities of Chiclayo, Trujillo and Iquitos. Peru’s current economic development, rich cuisine and biodiversity are some of the reasons that it was chosen as the host of the event.

Indigenous in Peru to create their own political party

Peruvian indigenous created a new political party call Alianza para la Alternativa de la Humanidad (APHU) (Alliance for an Alternate Humanity). Their candidate will run for president in the 2011 elections. APHU will announce their candidate between September 9 and 12, but there is speculation that it will be Alberto Pizango, the current president of the largest union representing Amazonian indigenous nations in Peru. He said that if he is chosen, he will accept. He also said that one of the main tasks of APHU is to “gather the excluded and discriminated people in Peru.”

102 earthquakes registered up to now in 2010

After the 4.7 earthquake that happened in Lima on the 13th, the Geophysics Institute of Peru reported that a total of 102 seismic events have happened in Peru this year. The small earthquake was possibly related to the 6.7 earthquake that happened in Ecuador the day before and was even felt in the Peruvian cities of Piura, Tarapoto, Iquitos and Moyobamba. According to a specialist from the institute, earthquakes along the South American Pacific coast are only to be expected since the South American and Nasca plates are always moving.

Peru’s government reaches agreements with Cusco protesters

After 13 days of protesting against the Camisea gas exports, the protesters in Cusco ended their strike. Discussions and agreements are continuing with the hope of lifting the current state of emergency.

Gas from Camisea lot 88 will not be exported, Peru Prime Minister says

According to Peru’s Prime Minister, Javier Velasquez Quesquen, the government has committed to renegotiate with the company exporting the gas from Camisea. The negotiations entail that the gas exports will come from bloc 56 rather than bloc 88, which will be reserved only to meet domestic demand.


Program JUNTOS promotes the campaign “United against the Cold” in Piura’s Andean plateau

The program JUNTOS began this campaign on behalf of 3,000 inhabitants living in 19 villages throughout the Frías district in the Andean plateau that are suffering from extremely low temperatures. The program is asking public and private educational institutions and universities, businesses, state institutions, and the whole community to be involved in this crusade for solidarity through donations of wool clothing, blankets, quilts and coats to help those suffering from the cold- especially the children. The items collected will be distributed during the first week of September.  The villages targeted by JUNTOS are considered to be the poorest in the district, and a spokesperson cited the moral obligation the program feels to help others living in poverty in Piura.

Inhabitants gather at La Primavera to protest the loss of another human life

Inhabitants of the settlements of La Primavera, San Antonio, Tácala and others gathered at the bridge in La Primavera to protest the poor traffic situation that has led to so many unnecessary deaths and to discuss solutions. People held signs saying “Warning! We need speed bumps and crosswalks,” “Enough promises and indifference,” and “Another dead! For how long?” The protest was attended by the Regional Director of Transportation and a representative of the regional government. The Regional Director tried to calm the people by saying that within fifteen days plans for the regulation of a crosswalk and new traffic light would be in the works.


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