Top News from Peru

Top News from Peru: July 26- August 1, 2010


Four million Peruvians have gained access to potable water 


During an Independence Day speech, President Alan García announced that a combined effort has given 4 million Peruvians access to potable water and sanitation services for the first time.  The groups involved were Agua para Todos (Water for All), Sedapal (a state-owned water utility) and other companies across Peru. The president also said that if Agua para Todos maintains the same velocity then the drinking water deficit will be over within five years.

TWP Projects plans to develop projects in Peru

South African TWP Projects announced that it will seek to be involved in 20% of the mining and industrial projects that will be developed in Peru.  TWP Projects has been expanding internationally, both in other Latin American countries and elsewhere. Because of Peru’s possibilities due to rich natural resources, TWP is staging its regional office in Peru. A Mining Weekly article notes that the Peruvian government is greatly supportive of foreign investment in this sector, making the way easier for TWP.

World Bank Approves $20 Million Loan To Improve Irrigation Systems in the Sierra

The World Bank awarded 20 million dollars to Peru for a project aimed at raising agricultural yield in the Andes through improved irrigation. The World Bank will provide technical assistance while the Ministry of Agriculture implements the project in the Sierra area. In a country well-known for its growing economy, the Sierra is one area that is still vastly poor, with the majority of the people trying to earn a living from agriculture. The four components of the Sierra Irrigation Project are as follows: “1. Improve irrigation technology by funding pre-investment studies, design, implementation and supervision of new systems. 2. Modernize and rehabilitate exiting irrigation systems. 3. Develop and strengthen the skills of agricultural producers and markets. 4. Formalize water rights and achieve efficient and accountable use.”$20_Million_Loan_To_Improve_Irrigation_Systems_In_The_Sierra/

Cold wave endangers 480,000 alpacas in Peru

As the dangerous cold wave presses on, a quarter of all the alpacas in Peru are facing the consequences. This severely endangers the many Peruvians who depend on these animals for their main source of income. This cold wave has already caused the deaths of 409 Peruvians who caught pneumonia as a result of the elements. The official report from the Ministry of Health says that most of the dead were less than 5 years old or over 60.


Completion of five school facilities in rural areas

Three thousand children in rural and marginalized areas of Monte Redondo and Sincape are the beneficiaries of five improved education centers from the regional government. These students had been functioning in inadequate settings, but now the schools have classrooms, bathrooms and libraries.

Youth propose policies to strengthen governance

The NGO Cedepas Norte hosted a workshop for young leaders to discuss and promote gender equality and equal opportunity along the basis of democracy and decentralization.  The youth were from Amotape, El Arenal, Tamarindo, Colán, Vichayal, Montero, Jílilí, Paimas, Lagunas y Ayabaca. Other discussions included the rights and duties of citizens, means of civilian participation in the government and organizational strengthening. The youth said they would continue the discussions in their regions in order to aid social development.

Modern police station inaugurated in Colán

The six thousand inhabitants of Colán can now enjoy the security of their first modern police station. The station has six police officers, a lieutenant and five non-commissioned officers. It was last year when the municipality gave the ground for the station and laid the first stone.


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