Top News from Peru

Top News From Peru: July 8th-July 16th, 2010


French Companies Interested in Building a Metro in Lima

The Municipality of Lima reports that it is currently in talks with two French groups, Ingerop and Systra, the possibility of building a Metro (subway) in Lima, a city with a population of more than eight million that lacks of a mass transportation system. Municipality officials and executives from both companies met in Lima to exchange points of view and explore the possibility of executing technical studies for a future subway train.

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Peru President to Face Increasing Social Unrest

The Intelligence Unit of the prestigious weekly magazine The Economist says in its latest issue that the Peruvian President, Alan Garcia, will have to face growing social unrest and also the polarization of the congress, with corruption scandals that involve his party, APRA, affecting its credibility. The Economist (quoted by Semana Economica) also states that the ruling party, APRA, has very poor perspectives for the upcoming presidential elections, which may lead Garcia to make some concessions as a response to popular demands.

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International Volunteers Work to Conserve Peru’s Chan Chan Ruins

The archaeological complex of Ñing An, belonging to Chan Chan citadel in Trujillo, La Libertad, is now included in a conservation and restoration program, carried out by ten international volunteers from Unesco. The young volunteers will clean the place and will work on the reconstruction of friezes. Most of these volunteers come from France, South Korea, Spain, Belgium and Romania, and will stay in the area for two weeks.

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Piura’s Sworn Special Election Asks Mayor’s Wife for Report

Piura’s Sworn Special Election is waiting for the Mayor’s wife, Mónica Zapata, to inform them what actions were taken against the civil servants that went with her during proselytizing functions. The President of the Special Election gave her 10 days to provide the report. He has asked for more information because he claims to have identified transgressions from the norm in this particular situation.

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Group “Sol Caliente” Remembers “Makuko”

Orchestra Sol Caliente is preparing a tribute to Peru’s Cumbia singer: “Makuko”. Makuko died of cardiac arrest 5 years ago in France and José Rivera and Polo Aniceto, leaders of the orchestra, would like to revisit his musical themes. One was quoted as saying, “We believe the best way to give tribute to Cumbia greats like “Makuko” is to enforce and demonstrate everyday that Cumbia in Piura continues to discover and attract new talent that holds the market preference.”

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