Top News from Peru

Latest News From Peru: July 1st- July 7th, 2010


British Environmental Activist Fighting Expulsion From Peru

McAuley, a 62-year-old activist from the La Salle Christian Brothers, has worked in Peru for two decades, and has been recently accused of inciting unrest among indigenous peoples protesting environmental damage from oil drilling in the Amazon rainforest.

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Huancavelica Prepares Strike  Against Pollution of Opamayo River

The residents of Aymaraes, a province in Huancavelica region, started a 48-hour strike on July 7, in protest of the pollution generated by toxic waste spread into the Opamayo river. The toxic spill originated in the Caudalosa Chica mine, when a tailing dam collapsed more than one week ago.

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Cusco Authorities Halt Works After Alleged Damage to Inca Walls

Cusco authorities decided to suspend the works after a complaint filed by Cusco’s Commission of Jurists against Corruption and Social Defense on the damage allegedly inflicted to an Inca wall which was damaged during the construction of a shopping mall.

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City Council May Not Have Sufficient Information to Approve the Ave. Sánchez Cerro Plan

Piura’s City Council took advantage of a cooperative, inter-technical institutional meeting between the Municipality of Piura and the Metro Planning Institute (IMP) to elaborate on the improvement plans for Ave. Sánchez Cerro. The IMP has delayed the planning process which Council Member Guillermo Requena cites as his reason for voting against the plan. He also states that the organizations have not established a penalty clause for responsibility of the plan’s success or failure.

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La Niña Expected at the End of Winter. Piura Shows Signs of a Typical Season

With temperatures between 17ºC and 29ºC, Piuranos are faced with the second week of winter. June 21 did not bring significant changes in temperature because of the tropical region. Temperatures may drop below 17ºC but this should not be considered abnormal or extreme.

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