Top News from Peru

Top News From Peru: June 9th- June 16th, 2010


Peru: Lambayeque region plans to export honey

Lambayeque will conduct a market study to examine the details for trading honey and consider its future export. This region has more than 1,400 beehives, and a production of 300 tons. “Some 600 tons used to be produced in Lambayeque, but now the average has been reduced to 300 due to the indiscriminate logging in dry forests,” he said after pointing out the need of reforestation to reach previous levels. According to Acosta, the study would be conducted by specialists of the Institute for the Development of the Informal Sector in association with the regional directorate of Agriculture.

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Peru Sets New Guiness Record With the Largest Knited Sweater in the World

Joining the Worldwide Knit in Public 2010 celebrations, the Education Ministry of Peru and COATS Cadena joined efforts to set a new Guiness Record by knitting the largest sweater in the world. The huge piece was made with more than 2,000 small knitted pieces of 40x40cm. Cisne company, owned by Coats Cadena, donated some 6,000 balls of wool for this public activity, that took place at San Miguel Shopping Center, in Lima. Each one of the pieces used to set this record will be converted into a poncho, to be sent to the children suffering the effects of the extreme cold season in the Peruvian Andean highlands.

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Algeria Hosts Photo Exhibition About Peru’s Inca Roads

With the sponsorship of Algeria’s Minister of Culture, the embassy of Peru in that country organized the impressive photo exhibition “Qhapaq Ñan: the Royal Incan Road”. The venue is a magnificent building from the 16th century, turned into a museum that is currently considered as one of the most prestigious cultural centers in Algeria’s capital. The exhibition showcases the beauty of Peru’s Andean landscapes and the farmers’ way of life, with the Incan trails as scenario. The exhibition is being well received and is generating positive comments.

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Juan Guerra Receives Millennium Prize

Juan Guerra Cruz, director of Piura’s Neighborhood Radio, received the “Millennium International 2010” prize for his defense of freedom of expression. The idea behind the prize is to honor and promote education, social and economic development and respect for human rights. The distinction will be recorded in several books: The Book of Recognition of the International Millennium University, the books of the Civil Foundation Association and Piura’s Book of Merits.

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Florida Paleontologists Examine Fossilized Seeds

Steven Manchester and Fabiany Herrera from the Florida Museum of Natural History were in Piura to classify fossilized seeds determined to be between 45 and 50 million years old. A very small specimen was taken back to the United States to run microscopic structural and biochemical analysis. On June 21, Emily Lindsey, a doctoral student of Dr. Tony Barnosky from Berkeley University, will arrive in Piura. She will be completing her thesis work on the extinction of plant life of the Pleistocene era on the American Continent and the role of humans and climate change on this extinction.

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