Top News from Peru

Top News From Peru: June 23rd-June 30th, 2010


Indigenous Organization in Peru asks UN to Intercede on Bill

The largest indigenous organization in Peru asked UN rapporteur James Anaya to intercede in the approval of a bill that has been put on hold by the Peruvian government, which obliges the state to consult indigenous peoples when taking decisions that will involve them. This bill has been observed, put on hold by the Peruvian government and sent back to the Congress to be reworked, since according to President Garcia it would give the indigenous people the ability to veto certain projects.

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Peruvian-Born Journalist Accused of Being Russian Spy Against the US

Peruvian-born Vicky Peláez, who has been living and working in the US for more than 20 years, was arrested in New York under charges of espionage in favor of the Russian federation. She was arrested, along with another nine suspects, as part of an operation seeking to break up a mission secretly monitored by the FBI for more than a decade, US media reports. Her columns were very critical to US policy towards Israel, Cuba, and immigration, among other foreign policy issues. During the ’80s, Pelaez was a widely known TV reporter in Peru, and was detained for a time along with her cameraman by the Revolutionary Group Tupac Amaru.

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Peru Rivaling Colombia on Coca Production

The UN says Peru now produces more coca leaf by weight, although Colombia still has the largest area of coca leaf production. However, Peru accepts it could soon overtake Colombia in coca production. A steady fall in production in Colombia showed the government’s anti-drug policies were succeeding, the UN said. Coca cultivation in Peru has increased by 55% over the past decade, UNDOC says, though this year’s total is still half what it was two decades ago.

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Es Salud Strike Occurred Almost Unnoticed

The United Workers Central planned strike has not  been given very much attention. The strike began with dedicated individuals holding banners in the following hospitals: EsSalud, Jorge Reátegui and Cayetano Heredia. Protesters broke up the crowd before the National Police arrived. The hospitals faced administrative problems due to the absence of the majority of workers, including an inability to access patient records. Protestors are demanding increased pay, specified areas for administration and the construction of a modern hospital for Piura.

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Capture of Presumed Gang Member

Agents from the San Martín and Piura stations captured a presumed gang member moments after the alleged assault of a medicine sales agent. The assault occurred on Chulucanas Avenue and involved the use of firearms. The suspect under custody is Juan Carlos Martín Meza León (El Pituco).

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