Top News from Peru

Top News From Peru: June 16th- June 23rd, 2010


Pisco, Whisky and Wine Among Top Drinks for Father’s Day in Peru

Pisco, whiskey and wine make up the most demanded drinks on the occasion of Father’s Day taking place on Sunday, the Wines and Spirits Committee of the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) announced. According to the Commerce President Alejandro Pappalardo, people demand such drinks in a traditional way to emphasize family celebrations at this time. Sales of spirits posted an average growth of three-five percent over the last five years, mostly from June to July and November to December due to the holiday months.

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Peru Celebrates “Chaccu,” Vicuña Shearing Festival

The 18th National Chaccu 2010 and the 17th International Vicuna Festival took place June 18-19 in the Pampa Galeras National Reserve, located in the province of Lucanas, Ayacucho region. The chaccu is an ancient ritual for gathering and shearing the vicuñas, taking their valuable wool fiber, and also for making an offer to the apus and Andean gods asking for their protectiuon. The Ministry of Environment estimates that some 3,000 visitors enjoyed the celebration.

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Sting, Sandra Bullock and Bette Middler Likely to Visit Machu Picchu, Peru

Peru’s Minister of Trade and Tourism, Martín Pérez, said that his sector is working in bringing international celebrities like Sting and Bette Middler to Machu Picchu, as part of the strategy to promote Cusco worldwide. The government decided to invite celebrities as a way to help rebuild tourism in Cusco, after the heavy rainfalls and floods that took place last January.

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March to demand that “Water for All” project function as promised

Leoncio Culquicóndor López and Walter Horna Bocanegra announced that 14 communities will march against the municipality of Piura and EPS Grau. It was promised that the water project would be functioning by June 3, however residents and participators in the “Agua Para Todos” program are still waiting for the benefits. The residents are tired of protesting through media and want their concerns to be heard directly. These communities have already been charged for services (by EPS Grau) that are not being administered due to a lack of human resources to implement the project.

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More Than 3 Thousand Pending Driver’s Licenses

Since March, the Transportation and Communication Ministry of Lima has not remitted any processed driver’s licenses to Piura. There are 3,863 waiting to be handed over. The problem stems from a change in the transmission process as well as an overly centralized process in which Lima is the only authorized transportation department in Peru that is authorized to hand over licenses.

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