Top News from Peru

Top News from Peru: May 31-June 6, 2010


Clinton Visits Peru

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s is arriving June 6th in Lima, Peru, to attend the OAS 40th General Assembly, and on a four-day trip through the region Clinton is leading the US delegation to the Organization of American States annual meeting, where members are slated to vote on a declaration that calls for less military spending and more funding for economic development and social programs throughout the region. After visiting Peru, Clinton will will travel to Ecuador and Colombia to meet with government leaders in both countries.

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Eco-Tourism Projects to be Implemented in Oxapampa Reserve

Oxapampa’s municipality is planning to implement a group of conservation, environmental and eco-tourism projects in the biosphere reserve of Oxapampa-Asháninka-Yanesha, which Unesco included in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR). Humberto Guerra, city manager, said that scheduled meetings with management of Environment and Tourism, as well as other public and private institutions to develop management plans to conserve the area and promote eco-tourism.  Biosphere Reserves are sites for experimenting with and learning about sustainable development.

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Peru Commemorates First Anniversary of Bagua Clashes

Hundreds of Bagua residents joined a vigil organized last night at the “Devil’s Bend,” the place where 24 people died during the clashes that took place there a year ago. Indigenous leaders Cervando and Saul Puerta led a forum about those facts yesterday, with the participation of some regional native associations. In Lima, the Police celebrate a commemorative ceremony to honor their officers fallen in action. Peruvian authorities have mobilized 350 agents to take care of public order in Bagua, and Peru’s Prime Minister Javier Velasquez Quesquen has asked the organizers “not to use this commemorative acts for getting political profits.”

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University Mourns Vice-President

The University of Piura is mourning the loss of its Vice-President, Jesús María Chiyón de Mares. She was joining her husband and seven children for a short vacation when the accident occurred. The accident occurred 10:30 Tuesday morning when Guillermo Mares lost control of his vehicle in a dangerous curve. A local official commented that accidents in the area are common for individuals who are not familiar with the roads.

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Piura Set to Get a Real Plaza Mall

Real Plaza plans to invest US $135 million in opening new shopping malls during the next 18 months. With a goal of 14 total all around Peru, there are currently seven new malls currently planned for Lima and other provinces. Upcoming projects will include the Santa Clara Shopping Mall, near Lima, and next will come malls in Arequipa, Juliaca and Piura.

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