Beginning of our Second Phase in San Francisco

Hello readers! This is my first official post as a MEJOR Communities international volunteer! I am currently at my parent’s house in southern California. I will be leaving for Peru in a matter of days and spending my 6 months in San Francisco during a very opportune time in my life. As of now, I feel completely receptive and ready to absorb all that the world has to offer. I’ve been given a lot of fantastic opportunities in life that have allowed me to affect change in the world and spread the knowledge that I’m constantly obtaining. These opportunities are what drive my passion for the MEJOR Communities project in San Francisco, Peru. Youth everywhere need to be given the opportunities to affect change in their lives so that they, too, feel comfortable spreading knowledge wherever they go. It’s extremely important for anyone in the life of a child or teenager to further their goals and reinforce their aspirations. The youth in San Francisco have a goal to spread community health and set up a sustainable trash system for their village. I look forward to facilitating these admirable goals, as well as showing the youth how valuable their input is to their families and their community.

Knowing all this, I am fairly eager to start my trip, but unfortunately James and I have already experienced our first hiccup. We were both set to leave the Los Angeles airport last Wednesday, the 16th, when we got word that the Spirit Airlines pilots had gone on strike! So, we both got busy enduring the endless customer service phone line and rescheduled our flights. James leaves today and I will be leaving on Sunday. My next update will hopefully be in Piura after I take a bus from Lima and meet up with our project facilitators, Rolando and Joel! Until then, take care and thanks for reading!



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