Top News from Peru

Top News From Peru: May 24-30, 2010


Peru frees US ‘rebel’ Lori Berenson after 15 years

Lori Berenson, an American citizen who has served 15 years in a Peruvian prison for aiding leftist rebels, has been freed on parole.  Ms. Berenson, 40, was arrested in 1995 for her alleged role in a plot to attack the Peruvian Congress. Military prosecutors accused her of gathering information for a rebel plot to kidnap members of Congress and exchange them for imprisoned rebel leaders. The judge has ordered her to stay in Peru for five years in order to serve out the remaining years of her sentence on conditional release.

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Indigenous Leader Pizango Freed on Bail

A Peruvian indigenous leader who was detained on Wednesday as he returned from almost a year in exile in Nicaragua has been freed on bail. He is accused of inciting protests against planned oil and gas exploration in Peru’s rainforest that turned deadly. He has been the leader of the country’s most influential indigenous organization, Aidesep, which last year staged two months of rallies and blockades across Peru’s Amazon region.

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Concert Promoters Try to Bring Pearl Jam To Lima

US mythical grunge band is likely to join the long list of important rock bands that have played in Lima. In 2005, Pearl Jam visited Latin America performing in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. At present, the musicians are having a long tour in the US that includes a tribute to the band Van Halen, Peru21 Daily reported. As part of their commitment to ecology, the Seattle-based band announced that they would donate US$ 210,000 to plant trees in the state of Washington, in order to compensate the carbon dioxide emissions caused by their last year’s tour.

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Piura will only buy 20 of the 50 anticipated video cameras

The Piura municipality will only buy 20 of the 50 video cameras that will be used to support civil security in the area. They had anticipated purchasing 50 but the appropriated funds were not sufficient. The purchase and subsequent installation project is evaluated and managed by a special committee comprised of managers of the group: Citizen’s Technology and Security. The installation will occur in September and begin in the Emergency Center where all the necessary equipment will be ready to properly install the equipment.

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Tomorrow Alcaldesa, EPS Grau and Punta Azul Agua para Todos  meet to confirm the work of 23 million

The Piura Municipality has made more than 60 observations of the Potable Water System Improvement and Expansion Project. This project is known for its 23 million spent that will benefit 14 settlements. During this meeting, the representatives of several organizations will verify and confirm each observation to identify if the work is progressing sufficiently. This will include an inspection to ensure that the project is functioning on all levels and that the EPS can correctly operate the system. Remaining work includes installing 2 motors and placement of a bulletin board.

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