Top News from Peru

Top News From Peru: May 17-23, 2010

Peru News

Peru to receive US $14 billion in foreign investment for mining projects

Peru will receive investments for mining projects worth US $14 billion altogether the Ministry of Mining and Energy, Pedro Sanchez, said today . Sanchez explained that these new projects are already in advanced stages. Some of them have ready their study of environmental impact, and that there are several gold projects among them. The Minister expects that Peru can rise up in the ranking to be among the top five gold producers in the world. Peru is currently the first silver producer and the sixth gold producer worldwide. Peru had received foreign investments intended to finance mining exploration totaling US $512 million in 2009.

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Peru: Indigenous communities threaten to block gas pipeline in Urubamba

Three matchiguenga indigenous communities located along the Urubamba river basin are threatening to block the gas pipeline section that crosses their territories, reports CNR Radio. La Convención, a Cusco province, started a 72-hour strike this morning, opposing the Camisea pipeline, and expressing their concerns regarding possible damage to the Megantoni Sanctuary. The Mayor of La Convención, Marco Chalco, said he would participate in these protests. Indigenous leaders claim that they have not had any official response to their requests of revising the environmental impact study. There is also concern about the possible gas exports.

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Peru: Shining Path webpage dismisses alleged peace talks with the government

Shining Path guerrilla has issued a press release, published at their webpage Sol Rojo (Red Sun) ruling out alleged peace talks with the Peruvian government, after 30 years of existence. The press release is signed by the Movimiento Popular Perú, that defines itself as “the organism created by Peru’s Communist Party for doing political work abroad,” The text  declares “humbug” to the government’s claims that Shining Path remnants would be seeking a peace agreement, and that the Abimael Guzman’s letters would not have been written by him while in prison, but by a former intelligence agent. “Our answer will be more people’s war, and we want our Presidente Gonzalo (the party’s alias for Abimael Guzman) to be presented to local and international press,” they say. The webpage, however, does not mention the political factions inside Shining Path, despite the fact that recent guerrilla actions in Ayacucho led by “Comrade Artemio” (shown in the photo) show visible disagreements inside the organization.

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Alan comes to sign the Alto Piura contract

This Friday Presidente Garcia will be in Chulucanas to sign the contract that will execute the first stage of Alto Piura’s Irrigation and Hydropower Project. Yesterday, the regional president, César Trelles Lara, announced that President Alan García would be present and invited the citizens “to be there to greet and congratulate the President because without him it would have been difficult and impossible to complete this project”.  This agreement will begin the 13.5 kilometer Presa Derivadora and Trasvase Tunnel construction project. The ceremony will also be attended by the Brazil Embassy, State Ministers, Regional Presidents from Tumbes, Lambayeque y Cajamarca, and Javier Velásquez Quesquén.

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