Top News from Peru

Top News From Peru: April 26-May 2, 2010

Peru News

Protesters for Gay Rights
Recently, a Vatican spokesperson related homosexuality with pedophilia. Angered, several gay and lesbian organizations protested outside the Apostolic Nunciature of Peru. The sit-in was organized by the Peruvian Network of Transgender, Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals, and reunited some 100 activists in front of the Nunciature’s building, located in the Limenian district of Jesus Maria. Some Catholic organizations were also present to counteract the protests, saying prayers and shouting their own mottos.
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Shining Path Suspected in Military Base Attack
An Ayacucho military base was attacked on Thursday by long-range missiles. It is suspected that those behind it are remaining members of the Maoist Shining Path insurgency. The attack was made soon after the same group allegedly killed three people who were in the process of eradicating coca leaves. The Peruvian government has reported that the Shining Path uses narco-trafficking to fund their operations, which have been seen in small outbursts since their retreat in the early 90’s.
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Indigenous Tribes Still Not Contacted
Despite the recent attempts to reform how corporations treat indigenous tribes, Repsol is still refusing to contact them before exploring for oil. Repsol, along with other oil companies, refuses to accept that the uncontacted tribes exist. Protesters gathered outside the company headquarters in Madrid last week after Repsol announced their plans to cut 454 kilometers of seismic lines and build 152 heliports in a remote area of the Peruvian Amazon, which is known to be home to at least two tribes.
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Twenty Pink Dolphins Found Dead
Around twenty pink Amazon River dolphins were found dead last week in the Bagazan Lagoon in Loreto. Local fishermen, who complained that they were damaging their fishing nets, apparently killed them using poisoned fish. The offense of killing an endangered species is punishable by law.
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Piura News

Woman Kills Husband’s Cousin
A man was murdered and buried in the foothills around the village Morante El Porvenir. The incident occurred nearly two months ago, on March 9th, and was just discovered last Wednesday. Humberto Maza Patiño was killed by María Melva Jiménez García, with whom he had been having an extramarital affair. García reported to police that Humberto had tried to rape her one morning when her husband was at work. She picked up a table and hit him with it, beating him until he was dead. María’s ten-yea old daughter helped her carry the man to the foothills and bury him. Neither one of them said anything to the authorities until last week when the police came looking for them.
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Student’s March for Dengue Awareness
On Sunday, students in the Sullana and Bellavista districts went from house to house to inform residents how to prevent dengue fever. Walter Vega Olaya, director of Health, encouraged the area to open their homes and facilities to these students, hoping that awareness would spread. The youth are educating on the symptoms of dengue such as fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fainting, drowsiness, and any bleeding. They are also highlighting the more vulnerable groups of peple which are children under 5, adults over 65, pregnant women, and anyone with chronis kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, or heart and lung disorders.
To read the full article in Spanish, click here.


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