Top News from Peru

Top News From Peru: April 18-25, 2010

Peru News

Peruvian Talk Show Host Assassination
Miguel Hidalgo, the director of Peru’s national police, confirmed on Tuesday that the government is providing security for Peruvian TV host and award-winning novelist Jaime Bayly. Hidalgo reports that the State Security Office formed a team to protect Bayly on April 8. On a recent trip to Columbia, Bayly was warned by Colombian secret service of a plot to kill him. Bayly is the host of the TV interview program “Bayly” transmitted Monday though Friday via Miami’s Mega TV at 10 p.m. (EST). The program is very similar to his late Sunday night talk show in Peru, El Francotirador, or “The Sharpshooter.” Bayly announced his plans last year to run for president in 2011 on a progressive liberal platform. However, few Peruvians believe his political ambitions are serious, probably because he rarely acts seriously himself. “They are going to kill you in Lima, the chief of Colombian police curtly told me,” Bayly wrote in his column. “The plan is in motion and the only thing missing is to hire hit men. They could be Columbians or Peruvians, he added.” There have been occasions in the past when Bayly has discussed on his show the death of Hugo Chavez or the hypothetical overthrow of the Chavez government by the United States.
Read the full story, here.

2 Million Peruvian Children in the Work Force
Peruvian Congresswoman Olga Cribilleros has reported that 2,168,000 children work in Peru nowadays. She feels that efforts need to be made to eradicate child labor. Representatives from the Womens’ Ministry, Education Ministry and private institutions attended the workshop “Erradication of Children’s and Teenagers’ Work” last week. Mario Coronado, Director of Telefonica Foundation, pointed out that his institution is supporting the program Proniño, which helps 30,000 working children from 17 regions in Peru. Coronado said that by the end of 2010 this institution will have reached 7,000 more children; he added that 23% of children will stop working and start school with the help of Proniño.
Read an excellent 2007 article here, or go to the Telefonica Foundation’s website here.

Recíclame Association
Last Thursday marked the 2010 Earth Day and at Plaza San Martin in Lima, hundreds gathered to celebrate. Simultaneously, they were celebrating the creation of the Recíclame Association. The main goal of the association is to encourage the commitment of all Peruvians to recycling bottles, cans, and paper. “Perú recycles only 15% of all recyclable stuff; almost 5,000 tons of recyclable items go to waste eveyday, and we don’t want this figures to increase. This situation is inconceivable,” said Juan Belaunde, representative of one of the companies involved in this project. As the “Living in Peru” article speculates, this gathering was a good reminder of the rich diversity that exists within the Peruvian ecology and the importance of maintaining it.
Read the full article, here.

Piura News

Nine Political Organizations Sign Ethics Pact
The regional and municipal elections are coming up in Piura on October 3. Because of the corrupt nature of elections past, nine organizations settled on a pact to increase ethicality. Those absent from the pact were the Nationalist Party and the Association of Fonavistas of Peru. The other signers expressed their disappointment that these organization did not join. Sandra Sandoval, in charge of the National Jury of Elections, stressed that this document is a moral commitment to democracy in the Piura region.  She said that the goal is to provide information to the citizen about their candidate and party before they cast their vote.
Read the full article in Spanish, here.

Human Trafficking in Tallara
Relating to our topic last week of human trafficking is this week’s workshop in Tallara. The governor of Tallara, Maria Mercedes Castillo Mendive, has been trying to inform the public about this social occurrence. Mendívez Castillo reports that young women ages 14-16 years are the main victims of human trafficking, brought to new areas given false promise of a job. Castillo also reports that they are often subjects of sexual exploitation in clubs and taverns.
To read the full article in Spanish, click here.

A Nurse is Stabbed for her Purse
Last Wednesday around 4pm, Patricia Pilar Damazor Rivera was assaulted by three individuals on Ignacio Escudero road in the Santa Rosa settlement. The three men threatened her with a knife and demanded that she give them her purse. When she showed resistance, they proceeded to beat and stab her in the back. The criminals fled and a passing police car assisted the woman, who is a nurse at a local hospital. One of the men was captured and identified as Peter Ruiz Arévalo or “Loco Peter” who has been known to commit such crimes in the past.
To read the full story in Spanish, click here.


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