Top News from Peru

Top News From Peru: April 12-18, 2010

Peru News

Mudslide North of Huaraz
Last week, a huge glacier fell on a lagoon in Ancash generating a massive mudslide that affected the towns of Hualcán, Acopampa, Obrabaje, Queshquipachán and Pariacaca, all located near the Hualcán peak. According to reports issued by Civil Defense there have not been any fatalities, but there are 4 missing persons and a total of 40 people affected. This report is preliminary however and according to estimates, figures may reach 200 people affected. The regional President, César Álvarez reported on RPP radio, “there is a large crack, 100 mt long and 30 mt wide, in the Hualcan peak, and if it finally falls down on the lagoon, it would create a mudslide four times bigger than the previous one.”
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Passenger Bus Falls into Lake Titicaca
At the beginning of last week, a passenger bus fell into Lake Titicaca resulting in 14 fatalities and 20 injured. According to the police, the accident took place in the Tilali-Conima road, in a sector known as Japiche, when the Aguilas del Sur bus fell from 100 meters into the waters of Titicaca lake. According to some press reports, the bus, which was heading to Juliaca, was carrying more than 50 passengers.
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Lima Jazz Festival
The Lima Jazz Festival took place from Monday the 12th to Saturday the 17th. The Festival is organized by the North-American Peruvian Cultural Institute and is in its 20th year. This year the festival was homage to Felix Vilchez, an important Peruvian musician who is celebrating 50 years in a musical career. Manuel Miranda, Andrés Prado, Enrique Luna, José Luis Madueño, Corina Bartra, Gabriela Ezeta and Edward Pérez Trio were some of the festival performers. His son, Felix Vilchez Jr. (who is a jazz musician himself), was the special guest on Saturday, April 17.
To see some pictures from the event, click here.

Indigenous People Demand More Rights
Several indigenous organizations in Peru are demanding that the Peruvian government approve a new law in less than 60 days. This law is to implement the Agreement N°169 from the International Labor Organization regarding the rights of the indigenous peoples to be consulted about their territories. The representatives of these indigenous organizations told the press that they are willing to dialog with governmental authorities, but also made it clear that if their requirements are not met “they will raise their voices in protest.”

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Peruvian News in the U.S.

Peruvian Film Festival
On April 15th and 16th, more than a dozen recently produced Peruvian films were shown at New York University’s PeruFest. The short films and feature films explored the issues of social struggle and identity conflicts in contemporary Peru as well as political violence, mourning and family relations.
To read more about the event, go to their blog here.

Human Trafficking in California
Last Wednesday an Oakland resident by the name of Maribel de la Rosa Dann was sentenced to six years in prison. She had lured a Peruvian woman by the name of Zoraida Pena-Canal to the United States with the promise of a job, after which she confiscated her travel documents and forced her to work for no pay. The victim did not want to speak in court, but in a written statement she told others who might be enduring similar circumstances, “Do not be afraid and do not be ashamed. Seek help and fight for the justice you deserve.”
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