Top News from Peru

Top News From Peru: April 5-11, 2010

Peru News

Miners on Strike
This week in Chala, Arequipa, 6,000 striking miners kept the Panamericana Road blocked against about 1,000 police officers. The government was refusing to talk with the miners until they stopped protesting and cleared the road. Peru’s Prime Minister Javier Velásquez announced that these social protests may be sponsored by corporations from Russia, Brazil and Bolivia, who allegedly are extracting gold with big machinery in Madre de Dios, under a disguise. President Garcia was adament about his position to not negotiate until they miners cleared the road. Because of this, the miners resigned for a period of 48 hours to discuss the situation.

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Oil Company to Drill on Tribal Land
Oil Company, Perenco, was highly publicized in the media this week due to controversy over communication with tribes. The company was planning to build a pipeline in one of the most biodiverse parts of South America without speaking with the tribe in the area first. Perenco claimed that the tribes do not even exist but a recent statement from Peru’s Energy Ministry admitted that their existence was ‘possible’ and requested the company to prepare an ‘anthropological contingency plan’ in case of contact.
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Piura News

Gunmen Caught
Last week, two gunmen attempted to rob a hostel in Piura. A couple saw the robbery and alerted the police who immediately took position outside to wait for them to emerge. Joel Vargas and Miguel Aguilar were captured last Sunday at 11pm at the Aypate hostel in Avenida Sánchez. Vargas struggled with the manager of the hostel and threw him to the ground while Aguilar pointed a gun at the staff threatening their lives if they did not produce any money. The couple saw this happening and alerted the police. The two men were captured outside the hostel and taken to the station for investigation.
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Dengue Fever Still on the Rise
On Wednesday, the Santa Rosa hospital received an influx of dengue fever patients. 35 to 40 people arrived all in one day, packing the facility and worrying the staff over accommodation availability. Infectious disease specialist, Jorge Chavez, reported that most were stable with sufficient care. The hospital identified which cases were dire and were able to discharge many patients. There have been at least 19 confirmed cases of dengue in Paita, concentrated around Ciudad Roja del Pescador, Fonavi, and other outer cities.
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Adolescent Sexuality
A recent study by the University of Piura and the University of Navarra paints a picture of how sexuality is being expressed amongst teenagers in the Piura area. 19.5% between the ages of 13 and 18 report that they have had sex once. Of this group 26.7% reported that they had not fully agreed to it and less than half used protection. Many of them reported that they felt sex was the initiation of love and several others, mainly males, reported wanting their peers and elders to respect them.
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New Artisan Park
The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Martin Perez Monteverde, has promised a million soles (about $350,00) for a new artisan park. The minister said that the park will create local job opportunities and make money. He recognized that tourism is very set on Machu Picchu but pointed out that Piura has excellent cuisine and pottery and should expand their tourism market.
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Two Drown at the Dam
Three friends that came to the Los Ejidos dam to swim unfortunately ended in tragedy on Saturday. A young boy from Lima apparently drowned and disappeared in the river. Again around 5:00pm Víctor Hernán Ramos Chung, Juan Castillo López, and a third arrived at the river. Friends reported that they brought a large amount of beer with them to celebrate Chung’s arrival from Lima. Unfortunately he, too, was consumed by the river and his body has not yet been found.
To read the full story in Spanish, click here.


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