Top News from Peru

Top News From Peru: March 29-April 4, 2010

Peru News

Hospital Malpractice

The Alberto Sabogal Hospital has recently become the recipient of another malpractice case. This hospital is managed by Peru’s social security and is where an elderly patient suffered the amputation of the wrong leg a few weeks ago. Last week, a six year-old was undergoing surgery to correct a testicular hernia. His mother, Ana Arcenio Ysla, reports that she was told by the hospital that she could care for her son at home and they discharged him. After a few days she realized that one of his testicles was in fact missing. Ana reports that the doctor never told her he was going to remove a testicle. This weekend the necessary procedures are taking place to establish if this is a malpractice case or not.
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Radio Station Receives Award

The UK-based institution “Index on Censorship” gave the Freedom of Expression Award to Radio La Voz de Bagua on Thursday. The station had continued coverage on the protests that took place in Amazonas in June 2009, which resulted in their station license being taken away. Catalina Cortez received the award in London. Cortez is part of the Rory Peck Trust, which is an organization that deals with rights to freedom of expression and press.
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Peru Bans Smoking in Indoor Public Spaces

On Tuesday, Peruvian Congress passed the bill that bans smoking in workplaces, entertainment areas, and other indoor public spaces. The purpose of the new law is to protect citizens from the harmful effects of cigarette smoke. The law includes necessary signs in smoke-free areas as well as cigar container reform. Producers, importers, and distributors will have 180 days to adapt their products to the new specifications and public places will have 360 days.

Police Bribery

According to a recent study performed by the Organization of American States and the United Nations Development Program, Peru has the third highest rate of police bribery amongst Latin American countries. Mexico had the highest rate and Bolivia had the second highest. These statistics come from those saying that they had at one point bribed an official. Peru is also sixth in the list of countries in which public employees demand bribes for their services.
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Accused “Neo-Nazi” to Run for Office

Ricardo de Spirito Balbuena is the leader of a new political party called the Autonomous National Christian Equality (INCA in Spanish). This group was recently allowed to register for elections, a fact that was recently publicized by the Legal Defense Institute (IDL). The IDL calls Balbuena “the Adolf Hitler of Tacna” and he has been accused of making anti-Semitic comments. He also dresses in uniform that matches the brown uniforms of Hitler’s Socialist Party but instead of the swastika on his red arm band, he brandishes a different symbol in the shape of a Z. According to the IDL, de Spirito’s blog contains repeated denunciations of the Jewish faith. Peruvian law bans parties that promote or justify the exclusion of persecution of individuals for whatever reason. However, Ricardo denies the allegations of being a “Nazi” and instead says his aim is to “rescue the dignity of the people.”
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Piura News

Dengue Epidemic Continues

On Saturday, The Regional Government of Piura formalized a red alert for the dengue fever epidemic. Regional director, César Morón, reports that this measure will delegate more staff and resources to controlling the disease. He has also stated that they are expecting support from Lima to offer some recommendation on how to control the epidemic.
To read the full article in Spanish, click here.

Easter Weekend Celebration

During this weekend, thousands of people have been flocking to Catacaos in celebration of Easter. On Friday, about 4,000 people waited several hours in intense heat to be able to share in seven fish dishes. Starting at 7:30am, various activities were held to commemorate this religious holiday. The crowds continued to gather through the weekend until today, despite reporting to a couple news sources that they were disappointed with the delay and long wait.
Read the full article in Spanish here.

Youth Kills Young Man with Knife

On Friday night, a 14 year old in the Bellavista district caused the death of a 22-year-old man. Around 10pm, on the second block of Huancavelica street, the minor returned home and found the 22 year old, Vladimir Eduardo Flores Atoche, at his house. For unknown reasons, the minor chases Vladimir with a knife and ultimately punctured his heart and liver. The case is still under investigation and the parties involved are deciding on the best course of action, given that he is so young.
Read the full article in Spanish here.


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