Top News from Peru

Top News From Peru: March 8-14, 2010

Peru News

Peru to Visit Berlin’s Tourism Fair

The Regional Direction of Foreign Trade and Tourism will participate in the 14th Berlin’s Tourism Fair. She will be aiming to inform visitors about the recent situation in Machu Picchu. The director, Margarita Garcia Sotomayor, has reported that this will be a good opportunity to show the world that the Inca Sanctuary is intact despite heavy rains and flooding, and the it will reopen on April 1. She estimates that the new road will also be opening in April.
For more info about the Berlin’s Tourism Fair, visit their website: ITB Berlin

Hospitals Resume Distributing Free “Plan B”

Despite opposition from pro-life activists and the Church, Peru’s Health Ministry (Minsa) will continue to distribute the “morning after pill,” also known as Plan B, free of charge. Minsa has already distributed 153,000 packages since 2005, 60% of which were given to women in rural areas attended to in health centers and clinics. Two months ago, Peru’s Supreme Court decreed that the morning after pill was not abortive, as it stops pregnancy rather than causes an abortion.
To read the full article, click here.

Peruvian Windsurfer Saves Opponents Life

A young Peruvian windsurfer saved the life of a competitor on Wednesday, despite the fact that it meant losing the race. Sebastián Schreier Loret de Mola was leading one of the Windsurfing World Championship races, which are held in Spain. He noticed a Spanish competitor was floating unconscious, trapped after a collision with a German competitor. Sebastián says, “I heard the collision, turned back and just saw him: he was not reacting and I did not think twice. I jumped into the water, went under him and was able to free him. He regained consciousness just as the paramedics were arriving. The whole Spanish team and his family were very moved and thanked me,” His action awarded him a Fair Play Award from the International Olympics Committee.
To read the full article in Spanish, click here.

Nude Cyclists Protest in Lima

For the fifth year in a row, almost 300 cyclists toured either fully nude or body-painted along several Lima streets to protest the poor biking conditions they face.
“The government must understand that we cyclists need protection; we are nude today because that’s the way we feel regarding the laws that do not protect us,” said Octavio Zegarra, one of the protestors.
While there are no official figures specifically about cyclists who have been victims of hit-and-runs, car accidents leave a total of 3,500 dead people and 50,000 injured every year.

To see CBS footage from the protest, click here.

Piura News

Abnormal Waves

Piura newspapers are still reporting the impacts from the Chile earthquake on February 27th. The Naval Director of Hydrography and Navigation is warning against abnormal waves along the coast and port of Talara. The warning was issued toward maritime, port, fishing, and recreational activities. Meanwhile at the Port of Paita, marine commander Bruno Fatur Diaz confirmed abnormal waves and closed the port.
To read the article in Spanish, click here.

Rented School Property

A group of parents were upset with the principal of a local school, Karola Eca Vega, who signed an agreement with the Semillita Private Educational Center to rent three classrooms. A parent, Ana Maria Ruiz Ruiz, said the director signed the agreement without discussing it with the parent’s committee. The parents and students only found out when they got to school and had to relocate classrooms. The parents feel that the principal acted behind their backs and they do not like public property being rented. Karola Eca Vega said that according to Supreme Court Decision 028, State property can be rented as long as they are not used by students. She says that this agreement will help pay for water, electricity, and telephone costs for the education center.
To read the full article in Spanish, click here.

Young Woman Gives Birth on Bus

21 year-old María Dalila Macalupú Vílchez never imagined she would give birth while traveling from Piura to Chiclayo, where she lives with her husband. On Friday, she was in Piura visiting relatives with her daughter Geraldine (2). On the ride home she began experiencing the first pains of labor. The bus driver pulled over and alerted highway patrol where there on the side of the road policemen and midwives helped deliver her child. After cutting the umbilical chord and performing minimal first aid, they rushed Mary and her baby to a hospital in Piura. The child weighed almost 6 lbs. and according to the doctor, he is in perfect health.
To read the full article in Spanish, click here.


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