Top News from Peru

Top News from Peru: March 1-7, 2010

Peru News

Peru to Buy Tsunami Warning System

On Wednesday, Peru’s government approved the tsunami warning alert system that the Geophysical Institute had been requesting. This project, which will cost approximately $1.1 million, will help avoid thousands of possible Peruvian deaths in the future. Ronald Woodman, President of Peru’s Geophysics Institute, says that the system will not be ready for a year. He reports that it will have six modern seismometers, which will greatly improve the country’s seismic monitoring. Read the interview with Ronald Woodman here.
Read the full article here.

Cusco Experiences Flooding, Seven Dead

On Wednesday, Cusco experienced another flood when the Quitamayo riverbed surged in the district of Pisac. Jorge Béjar Gonzales, province prosecutor in Calca, reported that there have been seven deaths so far. Three victims were found on the Taray bridge, one by the Quitomayo bridge, and three along the riverbed where they had been doing some washing.
To read the full article, click here.

Piura News

Eviction of Street Vendors Ends in Five Deaths

At the culmination of the street vendor struggle in Piura, the final day of relocation fell on Monday. However, the vendors continued to fight on through Wednesday, throwing sticks and stones at the resisting police troops. The protests got out of control as the police started throwing gas canisters and local gangs took advantage of the chaos to loot several stores. Three people died on Wednesday and two others on Thursday from wounds they received in street battles. About 137 people were arrested and another 50 were injured. The mayhem resulted from mayor Monica Zapata continually refusing to speak to the vendors. In a recent article, she holds strong to the fact that the deaths were not her responsibility and that the relocation will still be enforced.
To read the Latin American Herald Tribune article, click here.
To read an article in Spanish, click here.

Piura Earthquake Proofing

It seems that the Chile earthquake has gotten all areas of Peru thinking ahead and planning for seismic activity. Augusto Zegarra Peralta, the regional manager of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, has said that the urban area of Piura is in unprepared for the effects of an earthquake. The buildings, he feels, have not been given the appropriate refurbishing to withstand an earthquake. Néstor Burgos Castillo, dean of the College of Engineering, reports that due to mass migration, Piura has been developing with no plans and is getting messy. One of the initiatives of the College of Engineering will be to assess the growth areas of the city in order to identify the areas most vulnerable to seismic activity.
To read the full article in Spanish, click here.

Tribute to Women

Tomorrow (Monday, March 8th) is International Women’s Day. The mayor of Negritos, José Távara Atoche, will hold a series of activities to benefit women of all the region’s settlements who have limited economic resources. Atoche says that women hold an important place in society and are increasingly involved with politics, business, finance, sports, and other areas that have been traditionally male-dominated. The mayor also recognized that there is still a significant number of women who are discriminated against by existing machismo. The Ladies Committee is running the events, which include health campaigns and sports. The events started today with the hoisting of the national flag at Plaza Miguel Grau.


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