Top News from Peru

Top News from Peru: February 22-28, 2010

Peru News

Peru Responds to Chile Earthquake

The top news in South America this week was the 8.8 earthquake that hit Chile. Peruvian President, Alan Garcia reminded his citizens of their commitment to solidarity with Chile and in his speech said that Peru is “at the service of Chilean people.” After the quake, a tsunami warning was issued for Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Antarctica. Luckily, by the end of the week they had lifted the warning and hopefully will not see the repercussions in that arena. A few hours after the earthquake in Chile, Ica experience a 4.2 that caused panic amongst the citizens, fearing that they, too, were in for a record-breaking quake. Luckily, no personal or material damages have been reported.
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National Day of Mourning

President Garcia also declared that tomorrow, March 1 2010, will be the National Day of Mourning for the deaths and injuries incurred from the earthquake. The Peruvian flag will be hoisted at half mast tomorrow on all public buildings, military institutions, bases, ships, police stations, etc.
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Environmental Effects

Beach goers noticed a peculiar repercussion of the earthquake this weekend. Swimmers have sent pictures in to local newspapers showing how the sea line has retreated tens of meters from where it was before. Also, starting at 5:00 this morning there were irregular waves along the coast from Cerro Azul to Paracas. In other areas, they are preparing for the water levels to flood certain parts of their cities. Already, a landing port was disabled by the waves.
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Organizations Not Using Aid Correctly

The Peruvian International Cooperation Agency conducted an annual audit for 2009. They concluded that 34% of the entities receiving international aid did not use the money appropriately. Executive director, Carlos Pando Sanchez, mentioned misuse of facilities, submission of false information, misuse of resources, and failure to submit documents as some of the major inconsistencies. Among the organizations were 27 Peruvian NGOs, 4 foreign organizations, and 3 institutions that receive grants.
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Piura News

Nearby Lobitos Experiences Negative Affects from Oil Co.

In the district of Lobitos, swimmers are expressing their embarrassment and anger over the pollution of their beach. The oil company, Sapet, has been doing oil drilling and exploration 100 yards away from a school. Augusto Delly Peña reports that students are getting headaches from the gas pipelines and the fumes they generate. Authorities in the area have agreed to negotiate with Sapet until they reach a decision. Not only does this affect the surfers and students but hotels and other companies are starting to lose money since tourists don’t want to be around the smell or noise from the drilling.
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Homemade Bombs Left at the Municipal Building

Three pipe bombs were found in the rear of the Piura Municipality building on Tuesday. The bombs were in a black bag and were discovered by the building security. The bombs themselves were not set to explode. Instead, they required to be thrown with force, breaking the glass, and producing a large flame. The police do not know who is responsible and do not seem to have any leads.
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Talara Prepares for Carnival

Many Peruvian cities have developed their own Carnival festivities that take place in the weeks before Easter. The Defense Office in Talara is in the process of safe-guarding their city and creating protection plans for the street fights, injuries, and fires that often occur. They also performed a study at Las Penitas beach where it was determined safety is not high enough. Swimmers on the beach are at risk of drowning without proper supervision and Talara will recommend that people do not swim far during the weeks of Carnival.
To read the article in Spanish, click here.


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