Top News from Peru

Top News from Peru: February 1-7, 2010

Peruvian News

Coal Mine Explosion

On Wednesday, an explosion in a coal mine killed eight workers in the Oyón province, about 180 miles northeast of Lima. The director of the ministry’s mining department, Víctor vargas, contacted the Regional Energy and Mines Office to recommend that mining activities be suspended. The mine was operated by Gazuna Mining, who reportedly did not have environmental licenses yet to operate copper mining in that area. The explosion was caused by the company’s lack of safety precautions that should surround copper mining, and the gases created by it.

Read the full article here.

New Access Road to Machu Picchu

Legislators presented a bill to congress on Tuesday to promote the construction of access roads to Machu Picchu, instead of arriving by train. The legislation promotes the construction of two access roads that could transport tourists to Machu Picchu if the railway is blocked. The first would connect the towns of Ollantaytambo, Santa María and Santa Teresa and continue to Machu Picchu via a short train ride. The second road would extend from the district of Mollepata to Santa Teresa to Machu Picchu. One of the arguments against this proposal is the preservation of the historic site and allowing too much access to it. However, opening up access would also give Peruvian locals a larger part of the tourism income that Machu Picchu generates.

Read the full story here.

Piura News

Police Brutality

Two people have reported police brutality on the streets of Marcavelica and Los Algarrobos. An eighteen year old from Algarrobos, Martín Aurelio Trelles López, reports that around 9:30 on Saturday night, he was walking his bike toward his house. He noticed that there were some police cars around the corner, but kept walking. When he got home he realize he had been followed. One of the policemen approached Martín and attempted to take his bike from him. Martín was successful in keeping his bike, by soon after several more police arrived. The beat him with the butts of their guns and even after he got into their truck, they continued to beat him. He was taken to the station but after he passed out, he was transferred to Santa Rosa hospital. Another man, Juarez Siosky Farfan (31 years old) reported a similar attack on January 26th. He, too was returning home by motorcycle and was attacked by police.

Read the full article in Spanish here.

Pima Disappearing

The Peruvian Pima plant produces traditional cotton and is the pride of Piura. There was a time when 60 thousand hectares of plants grew. Now, they are down to 500 hectares. Pima cotton used to be traded at a good price until cheaper cotton began flowing into Peru, decreasing the demand for Pima cotton. Cesar Zapata Alzamora, president of the Association of Producers of the Lower Piura, mourns the loss of Pima cotton as a major agricultural export.

Click here to read the full article in Spanish.


A city north of Piura called Sullana has declared a state of emergency after the sewage system collapsed again. Residents of María Auxiliadora, Santa Martha, and other neighborhoods suffered from the streets and their homes being flooded with sewage. Luis Sanchez Cerro, the head of Public Health Management in the Sullana Municipality, has already filed a complaint with the Tourism and Ecology Police about the effects of this sewage spill. EPS Grau took 20 days to fix the first collapse and the residents are worried that this will be the same.

To read the full story in Spanish click here.

Election Day

The election of national delegates will be held in Lima today, and the representative from Piura, Gerardo Cabrejo, is worried about the outcome. He reports that as of 7:00 on Friday, the Regional Electoral Court has failed to uphold any of the proceedings necessary for this type of election. He and the other candidates are trying to ensure that they receive a fair election and have already requested the presence of police and prosecutors during the election. Read more on this election next Sunday on our Top News from Peru weekly update!


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