San Francisco’s Top 10 Most Shocking Moments!

In keeping with the quick and friendly nature of the blog world, I’ve decided that there is no better way to relay a few of our experiences to date than with a top 10 list of our most memorable shocking moments. Of course, as you all know, we have been spending a lot of time working hard with our youth class and exchanging culturally within our community. But what fun would it be to always ramble on about our ¨genuine¨ times, when Carly and I really know that folks are more interested in the details of how we have tortured ourselves over the last few months. Instead of going on about accomplishments and perspectives, I thought we could all recap the last few months with a few good laughs…Enjoy.

  1. Opening our bedroom door the first day to find a still-twitching-cow being bled-out and butchered on our front steps
  2. Our surprise when we discovered that our in-country liaison had, while we were present (yet then unable to understand the Spanish), gone ahead and promised every member of our community that in no time we would be purchasing them all brand new fully functional toilets
  3. The joy of discovering that our bedroom came fully furnished with two beds, a table and scorpions
  4. The realization that when a group of Peruvians invite you for a drink, they assume you will be sharing their same cup and are insistent that you stay for longer than just one
  5. Our surprise when we learned that the little chicks running around our yard enjoy eating fresh garden seedlings almost as much as we enjoy sweating for the weeks necessary to plant them
  6. Experiencing ¨hands-on,¨ that when you offer to help the family prepare for the weekend fiesta, this means pinning down a 500lb. squealing pig at 5:30am while your toothless friend drives a butcher’s knife into its throat
  7. The great debate as to whether the welts which persisted for weeks all over Carly’s body were the result of bed bugs or chicken pox
  8. Learning that the young boy with Tourette´s Syndrome in our town had, after hearing my name, without control begun to make ¨Currrr-tis¨ his new most overly used word
  9. Finding out that our one refuge for privacy, our mud-hut bedroom, ceased to be so exclusive after a family of bats took it upon themselves to begin sharing the space
  10. Getting introduced to the roaming (several thousand strong and slightly plague-like) army of ants whose daily voyage often puts them on a course to “pass through” whomever’s home is in their way

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