Making Progress!

What an incredible last month. We have all decided as we look back that in no other place is time as relative a thing as it seems to be in San Francisco, Peru. Over our long extended last month we were finally able to hit a bit of a rhythm and settle into the community. Making the decision to stay a little longer actually afforded us the time to accomplish a great amount with our class and the community.

The first and most exciting piece of news is that we´ve been able to finish our first round of Youth Health Promoter classes. The formal classes actually ended on an incredibly positive note, as we finished up with subjects related to sex, and pregnancy. I think that we all felt, given that we have 13 young teenage girls in our class,

egg babies

that spending some extra time focusing on responsible decisions regarding sex was incredibly necessary. Of all of our classes I´d say that we got some of the most participation out of these lessons which was great to see. A real turning point came after our sex and STD class when we asked each student to go home and write some anonymous questions they had regarding sex. We were impressed when each student came to the following class with at least 2 questions. It really just enforced our understanding of how little education young people have access to in these communities in regards to sex, puberty and pregnancy.

After ending our set of lessons on a positive note, we spent two additional classes reviewing materials in preparation for our big final exam. At first we were all a little nervous to go back over our prior lessons and see just how much the students had retained, but after a couple days of review it seemed as though they´d been able to keep the majority of what we discussed. Though we haven´t yet been able to grade each exam we are all excited to return to San Francisco in a few days and tally up the results. Even though the tests have all been taken we still have several classes of project planning scheduled for our return. We have had many discussions with both the kids and members of the community related to our project and I think we are very enthusiastic to actually get down to some real ideas and planning.

Our return will also give us a chance to see how our group has done with their first unsupervised assignment. Before leaving we enlisted the help of our class and their parents, and were finally able to turn the hard rocky land in our communal garden into suitable beds for planting. We were thrilled to finally plant lettuce, cucumbers, cilantro and tomatoes. The real test will be seeing how all the veggies are doing, since we left it up to the kids to maintain and water the garden twice a day. We are hopeful that within the next week or two we will be able to turn the remaining beds and plant at least five more rows of veggies.
Though it has been nice to get in a bit of a break, we are excited to get back to the lives we have begun to create. Carly has taken off and is quickly becoming a master weaver, and I am looking forward to spending more time with Carmen and Leo helping attend to their cows after having been shown how to vaccinate livestock the other day.

One thought on “Making Progress!

  1. Curtis & Carly: Great job you guys are doing over there. I am happy to see you are doing so well. Seems that you are getting things done,sharing and learning. Awesome! Love


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