Hola Amigos!

Carly and Curtis in Huanchaco Peru

Carly and Curtis in Huanchaco Peru

Hola de Peru! Curtis and I have successfully made it here after much preparation and anticipation. We just arrived in Cajamarca in the Northern region of Peru, after breifly visiting the cities of Lima and Trujillo. We will spend a few days here before embarking on our journey to Piura and then out to the rural community of San Francisco, where we´ll be working.

We are thrilled to be here exchanging moments with the locals and other travelers. So far we have only encountered kindness and hospitality everywhere we go–and lots of ice cream! We are looking forward to sharing our lives with our new friends in SF soon and working together to accomplish similar goals.

The program, MEJOR Communities, has prepared us well for an exciting adventure; one full of important lessons on health, community building and much more. We are so happy to know the young people in the SF community are equally as excited to learn new things.

We are beginning our journey with open minds and hearts in anticipation of sharing ourselves fully with our new community. Wish us luck! We´ll update you again soon. Viva Peru!


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